Friday, April 1, 2011


An undercover correspondent inside Lucasfilm has sent a low quality version of tonight's much anticipated season 4 trailer to the Star Wars Underworld Facebook community. The corresponded, who writes code for and other Lucasfilm websites, was able to nab a copy of the version of the trailer that is expected to air following the season 3 finale on Cartoon Network.

"We will see fan favorite Jedi from the Force Unleashed video game series, Rahm Kota next season," he told the SWU fan page, "We will also be seeing some Yuuzhan Vong and Grand Admiral Thrawn from the popular Timothy Zahn novels."

Here are screenshots of those characters from the trailer:

"There will also be more exploration of dark Force users," he continued, "The title for the fourth season will be 'A New Dimension'. It will continue to raise the bar in animation and story-telling, and will introduce more fan favorite characters, planets, and species into the series."

And here are screenshots of a dark force user and the season 4 logo:

We posted the version of the trailer that was sent to us on Youtube for all the fans to see. Enjoy it now, because Lucasfilm will probably take it down as soon as they hear about it!

APRIL FOOLS!!! Here are the real trailers.....

Here are some screenshots of the real trailer...

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  1. WOW, I can't wait!!!! Kota, the Vong. "This is where the fun begins."

  2. Vong!? Vong?! My god! Season 4 officially sucks for me now!

    Dan Grievous

  3. You know, if this were real, the season would suck so baddly.
    Plus all the listed things are what fans want to see in the show! Btw:
    The "Season4" logo is such a bad photoshop work!

  4. Having to remind myself what day it is, good one!

  5. I know, this isn't real know :(

  6. You know one thing I would like to see is George Lucas bring in the kaleesh, werewolf, Nelvaanian, Farghul, Daithim, Togorain,and Centaur species in season 4 or sometime in star wars the clone wars. I would also like to see Lucas brign in the Dragon Lords from that comic book called star wars Day of the Dragon Lords. Another I would like to see in the show is a kaleesh jedi, werewolf jedi, Nelvaanian jedi, Farghul jedi, Tgorain jedi, and Centaur jedi. Also I would like to see that force follower named Fay to come in the show.

  7. when does the season 4 come out in stores?