Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clone Wars Resources: Overlords

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Episode Information...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Season 3 Episode 15: Overlords
Premiered January 28, 2011

"Balance is found in the one who faces his guilt."

A mysterious force draws Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka to a distant planet, and its inhabitants, a family of exceptionally powerful Force-wielders, in an attempt to determine whether Anakin is truly the Chosen One.

Written by Christian Taylor
Directed by Steward Lee

Matt Lanter as Anakin Skywalker
James Arnold Taylor as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano
Lloyd Sherr as Father
Adrienne Wilkinson as Daughter
Sam Witwer as Son
Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn
Pernilla August as Shmi
Dee Bradley Baker as Rex
Tom Kane as the narrator

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Official commentary...

This links to a site where you can download a zipped folder that contains all 60 screen-caps and concept art images from
This site includes hundreds of screen-caps from the version of the episode that aired on Cartoon Network.


Articles... interview with Sam Witwer, the voice of the Son article discussing Anakin Skywalker's role as "The Chosen One"
Step by step directions one how to draw the Daughter

If you have any suggestions on how to make this guide better, feel free to comment. I'm always looking for more resources to add to this.


  1. Wow, awesome idea! It's a REAL episode guide!

  2. Haha, thanks, Ben... I loved the episode so much that I found myself gathering all these links and files... I realized how weird it is that I had to go to so many sites to get info so I decided to put it all together on my blog! I'm going to make one of these for each episode and hopefully create the best episode guide archives on the web :D

  3. I hope you do, somebody needs to do this!

  4. this episode is quit intresting